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Jul 4, 2017

BrainStem Summer Symposium, Aug 28-29, 2017

The second annual BrainStem Symposium will take place in Aarhus on Aug 28-29, 2017. The lectures are open to everybody. Lunch is available for the participants who signed up for the symposium only.

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DAY 1: AUGUST 28, 2017

 09.30                                   Arrival and coffee

10.00-10.20                          Welcome and overview (Poul Hyttel)

10.20-11.05                          Keynote Lecture by Poul Henning Jensen, Dandrite, AU. Title: Parkinson’s disease and synucleinopathies – what to model, why and how?

 Session 1                             Neural development and differentiation (session chair: Stefan Seemann)

11.05-11.15                          Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem (Agnete Kirkeby)

11.15-11.30                          Presenter: Pedro Rifes (Kirkeby’s group). Title: Studying human early neural patterning using a microfluidic-controlled hESC-culturing device                                                   

11.30-11.45                          Presenter: Yong Liu (Hall’s group). Title: Anatomical and molecular insight into the developing entorhinal cortex in a large mammalian species, the pig

Session 2                              Generation of induced pluripotent stem cells and gene editing (session chair: Jonathan Wardman)

11.45-11.55                          Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem (Bjørn Holst)

11.55-12.10                          Patient specific lines overview (Kristine Freude)

12.10-12.25                          Presenter: Henriette Frederiksen (Freude’s group). Title: Generation of induced mutations for AD

12.25-13.15                          Lunch (1st floor conference room)

 Session 3                            iPSC-derived modeling of neurodegeneration (PD focus) (session chair: Katarina Willén)

13.20-13.30                          Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem (Laurent Roybon)

13.30-13.45                          Presenter: Kaspar Russ (Roybon’s group). Title: Glial pathology in synucleinopathies

13.45-14.00                          Presenter: Muwan Chen (Denham’s group). Title: Investigating the role of Alpha-Synuclein in GBA1 iPSC-derived neurons

14:00-14:15                         Presenters: Helle Bogetofte Barnkob & Justyna Okarmus (Meyer’s group). Title: Comprehensive proteomic and metabolomic characterisation                                             of isogenic PARK2 iPSC-derived neurons

14:15- 14:35                        Coffee Break

Session 4                             iPSC-derived modeling of neurodegeneration (AD and FTD focus (session chair: Justyna Okarmus)

14:40 – 14:50                      Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem (Kristine Freude)

14.50 – 15:05                      Presenter: Katarina Willén (Goura’s group). Title: Endosome phenotypes in Alzheimer’s neurons

15:05 – 15:20                      Presenter: Benjamin Schmid (Clausen’s group). Title: Celluar inducible MAPT models                                                   

15:20 – 15:35                      Presenter: Tina Stummann (Fog’s group). Title:  Establishing Tau and Alpha-synuclein seeding models in iPSC neurons

15:35 – 16:00                      Coffee Break

Session 5                             Diagnostic and clinical aspects of neurodegeneration. (session chair: Camilla Højlund Knudsen)                                                  

16:05-16.15                          Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem  (Steen G Hasselbalch)

16.15-16.30                          Presenter: Jonathan Wardman (Nielsen’s group). Title: Pathophysiological mechanism of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 2: Role of oxidative stress and proteostasis

19.00                                    BrainStem dinner at Restaurant Flammen, Toldbodgade 6, 8000 Aarhus C


DAY 2: August 29, 2017

08.30-11.00                         Steering Group meeting (SG members only)

 08.30-11.00                        Master Student, PhD and postdoc only session – Scientific Speed Dating. (See the attached programme for the event for more details)

Session 6                             Ethics (session chair: Mette Habekost)

11.05-11.15                          Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem (Peter Sandøe)

11.15-11.30                          Presenter: Peter Sandøe. Title: Ethical aspects of informed consent models                                                  

Session 7                             Bioethics workshop

11.30 – 12.30                       Workshop activities (Peter Sandøe and Mickey Gjerris)

12.30-13.30                          Lunch

Session 8                             RNA-mediated mechanisms and bioinformatics in neurodegeneation (session chair: Kristine Freude)

13.35 – 13.45                       Overview of activities in relation to BrainStem (Jan Gorodkin)

13.45 – 14.00                       Next Generation Sequencing in BGI (Yonglun Luo)

14.00 – 14.15                       Presenter: Christian Anthon (Gorodkin’s group). Title: Update on APOE cell line RNAseq

14.15-14.20                          Symposium closing remarks (Poul Hyttel)